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Closing Date: May 31, 2016 - Expired

Background and Objectives:

OXFAM GB in Nigeria, in partnership with CRUDAN and DEC is implementing the PROACT: Building food security and resilience in Northern Nigeria project. PROACT is a 4 year programme funded by the European Union (EU) cost shared with OXFAM, and expected to run from April 2016 till April 2020. PROACT will be implemented in rural communities in the Sahelian States of Adamawa and Kebbi in Northern Nigeria and will assist 35,000 very poor households to build their food security and resilience in agriculture production, incomes, and improve nutrition. The foundation of PROACT approach is resilience livelihood in the face of shock, stress and uncertainty as a result of climate change and conflicts. As part of her implementation strategies in the first year, the project will be focusing on creating an active and strong presence in target communities by investing time in building rapport with the community, enhancing trust and working in a way designed to empower, and support the communities to take action to solve their own problems thereby strengthening resilience to man-made and natural disasters while ensuring that rapid improvements are demonstrated in the lives of communities. The goal of PRO ACT is to improve the food security, nutrition and resilience of vulnerable groups in Kebbi and Adamawa States of northern Nigeria. The specific objectives of the project are:

  1. Rapid improvement in early recovery, food security and livelihoods for targeted vulnerable farmers and host communities including women and youth in Adamawa and Kebbi States;
  2. Strengthened resilience, preparedness towards risks and natural resource utilisation for targeted vulnerable small holder farming communities in Adamawa and Kebbi States;
  3. Improved strategic linkages for food security and nutrition, and support to local market systems in each State; and
  4. Improved response capacity of government towards social protection, early warning systems and strengthened local frameworks such as NARF (National Agricultural Resilience Framework) towards resilience building. 

Baseline Purpose and Scope:

The primary purpose of the baseline study is to describe the current food security, nutrition and resilience situation of vulnerable groups as well as providing basic empirical statistics to help in programme implementation planning. The exercise would determine disaster, conflict, climate change and agriculture livelihood management knowledge of targeted households (direct livelihoods beneficiaries) within the target communities.

For more information and application procedure, please download the full and detailed ToR for this call.

Contact: Mafwalal William; Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; Tel: +2348085662083

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